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4 easy ways to upgrade your summer road trip

Travel might look different this summer, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the season. Whether it’s a day drive up the coast or an overnight camping trip in the mountains, you can still fuel a sense of summer adventure by simply getting behind the wheel. And with travelers spending more of their free time on the road, it’s the perfect time to upgrade any vehicle with the latest in auto tech, accessories and equipment, starting with your tires.

As you plan your summer road trip, here are some recommendations to enhance your safety and performance so all you have to think about is enjoying the ride.

Find a tire that performs just as hard as you do

Don’t let weather or terrain hold you back from going the distance. While many travelers focus on the vehicle itself, they tend to overlook a critical piece of equipment: tires.

Re-evaluate your current set and consider an upgrade, such as the new Michelin® Pilot® Sport All Season 4.

The Tire proves that all-season capability and ultra-high-performance can coexist. With improved dry, wet and cold weather capabilities, and race-inspired tread compound, the Michelin® Pilot® Sport All Season 4 provides safety and performance. Dynamic Response Technology ensures forces and temperatures are distributed evenly for a longer tread wear life. Extra rubber on the outer shoulder provides exceptional grip, ensuring you and your car will be ready for anything, both now and long after summer ends.

Download apps designed to keep you moving

Now that your car is performing at top optimization with new tires, make sure your itinerary is as well. Research and download travel apps ahead of time to help you locate gas stations, restaurants, dispersed campgrounds, rest stops and more so you can spend less time searching and more time moving. And don’t limit yourself to just travel apps. Meditation apps can help you decompress after a long ride and many of the top athletic brands offer on-demand training classes that can be done virtually anywhere.

Stay connected

Having a portable power inverter for your car is an easy way to convert your car’s DC electric power into AC electric power, which can be used to charge a wide range of appliances and accessories for any type of road trip. Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking to charge a digital camera for those beach shots or an early morning camper craving a cup of coffee on the go, having a power inverter can make life on the road run smoothly.

Refresh your interior

Getting a luxe feel inside your car can be quick, easy and make all the difference for the driver and passengers. Simple upgrades like swapping out windshield wipers and floor mats will make your vehicle look and feel new, while also keeping it as comfortable and up-to-date as possible.

A memorable summer road trip is just around the corner, and you can make sure it’s your safest, best yet with these tips, from apps that help you plan your route to efficient ways to elevate your in-car experience. Don’t lose your sense of adventure this summer. Get out, get moving and take control of your summer road trip!

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