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5 quick tips for improving the airflow in your home this Thanksgiving

With COVID-19 cases up in most parts of the country families are weighing the pros and cons of gathering for Thanksgiving. Experts encourage maintaining a steady flow of fresh, quality air within your home to help slow the transmission of coronavirus.

Proper air circulation is crucial in any home, because airflow regulates temperature and creates a more pleasant and safe breathing environment. By contrast, poor air circulation can actually endanger your health. In fact, the levels of indoor air pollutants are often two to five times higher than outdoor levels, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Here’s how to improve the airflow in your home.

Open your windows

Only 57% percent of homeowners open their windows in the winter, according to a study conducted by Pella Windows and Doors. However, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state health departments agree — opening your windows is a simple way to help to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

“Opening windows is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to encourage air flow and limit the spread of germs, and potentially COVID-19, within your home,” said Nicolle Picray, brand communications and public relations manager at Pella Windows & Doors.

The company says the simple act of opening windows for 15-20 minutes a day, even in the winter months, can not only help to slow the transmission of COVID-19, but it can deliver a powerful lift to physical and mental health, as well as help clear homes of indoor pollutants and odors.

Turn on ceiling fans

Whenever possible, keep fresh air circulating in your home. Turning on ceiling fans can keep air moving, and combined with opening windows, can help cross-ventilation.

Check your air filter

A dirty air filter will reduce clean airflow from your home’s heating and cooling system. This makes your home less comfortable, raises your energy bills and can lead to costly heating and air conditioning repairs.

Add houseplants

Put that green thumb to work. The benefits of adding houseplants to your home decor go far beyond aesthetics. Houseplants are natural air filters that purify your home. And, research shows that greenery reduces stress and creates a more tranquil and relaxed environment.

Rearrange your furniture

Create a direct pathway through and around the rooms of your home, especially gathering spaces like the dining room. Make sure there isn’t anything blocking air flow from the windows or covering any of the vents on your floors, walls or ceilings.

By making simple adjustments you can improve the air circulation and ventilation in your home, ensuring you — and your guests — breathe clean air.

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